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The Settlers HD

The Settlers HD

How to install:

Update file APK
isn't needed build.prop, skip step 1, just follow step 2,3,4,5

Link here

Zip file Download below is full installation files needed for success include HVGA:

1- File build.prop you can use RootExplorer copy to /system after that Reboot your Device. ( Chose Mount R/O in /system of RootExplorer. Don't forget  backup file build.prop in /system
before copying to prevent risks.)
2- Install file .APK
3- Folder data's called GloftSTHP copy to path sdcard/gameloft/games
4- If you go in game and it's tell you must download data. You must go on Market  download and install Titanium Backup after that follow guide below.
5- The package
Titanium backup of The Settlers for you have not installed - Just copy to folder TitaniumBackup ( Go in Titanium Backup and uninstall the games  then restore it, Reboot Device... Have Fun)

Link Full Installations

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