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[CM7 Theme] WindroidPhone7... Update 11/8

First of all

 I'm new in develop theme for android... this is my first project to dev and design theme for Android [CM7].

 I hope everybody support for me. The last i'm Vietnamese so my knowless about English is very bad.

 And here is my Theme: It's called Windroid Phone 7

and more picture

[B]Update Dialer look like Windows Phone 7.[/B]

Ok all this is the Version 1.1 ...Link download below


Change Log:
 *, Update 11/8:
          - Replace and modify "dialer" look like WP7 ( hope you like this ).
          - Change top of the status bar with black color...

     Some icons will be change to full soon...

BUG: Preview not display right now...

 Please report for better.

Thanks for reading.

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