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Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin Browser HD

Browser Version: 5.0.0 Final

Compatibility: Android 2.0 +

Members Android devices are likely familiar with the browser as a Dolphin Browser. The developers of this product are not standing still and not long ago released a new browser with the prefix HD.

- Powerful New Add-ons (available in AndroidMarket)
- Fully compatible with Froyo 2.2 (support for flash)
- Multi-Pinch
- New user interface
- RSS Feed Detector
- Tabs
- User Agent
- Gesture control
- Bookmarks, sorting
- Move around the page using the keys sound

Dolphin Browser HD 2.3.0 full |
Size: 1.16 MB
Links from Tort_31:
Version 5.0.0 Final
Size: 15.84 MB
The archive contains a program + a large number of add-ons to it.

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